Achieving ‘Dewy Skin’

Welcome back to my blog ladies 🙂

This blog is on how you can achieve a fresh faced look or ‘the dewy look’ which is such a sought after look with many of my clients.This is something some people find hard to achieve or are overwhelmed by so many different products on the market, so I have listed below my favourite products for helping to achieve this. Hope you enjoy.

Ash xx

Mac Fix+

Once I started using this product I couldn’t get enough of it. It is such a fantastic product for so many different things but it is a lovely one for leaving your skin looking dewy. I use this while building up foundation coverage to allow you to add more foundation without it having a caked effect on the face. When you are finished all the steps in your makeup application, spritzing this all over the face will leave you looking and feeling fresh.

blog Mac Fix+

Price: €20

Link to buy it:

Buff Sheer Glow

I love this product. It literally makes you look like you are glowing from within. There are different shades but I love it in Moviestar as it suits most people. It is a liquid and can be mixed in with your foundation to have that all over glowing effect which is so beautiful or you can concentrate on particular areas you wish to highlight.

blog buff sheer glow

Price: €32

Link to buy it:

Mac Skinfinish Soft & Gentle Highlighter

You probably know at this stage that I can’t get enough of this stunning highlighter. It is such a beautiful product which can be dusted lightly all over this face or in particular areas. I like to sweep this product across the areas I wish to highlight such as cheekbone and the cupids bow

blog mac s&g

Price: €30

Link to buy it:


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